Sponsorship Plan


No Monthly, Franchise or Royalty Fee

Life insurance available. Please contact broker for more details.Broker or brokerage do not receive any compensation on the life insurance provided. Life insurance fee will be base of age, sex, lifestyle, health and more.

$50 For error and Omission on every Transaction

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Sale Transaction

  • Transaction Fee (Per Side, Per Agent)
  • Own Lead : 10% Brokerage Fee
  • Brokerage Lead: 50% Brokerage Fee
Lease Transaction

  • Transaction Fee (Per Side, Per Agent)
  • Residential - 3% of Monthly Rent (Minimum $50)
  • Commercial - 3% of Monthly Rent (Minimum $150)
For Team

  • Agent is part of the broker team or receives leads from brokerage. Only for teams regardless of members in the team.
  • No Yearly fee for members of the team.
  • USD 30,000 for the year
  • Yearly fee for only team leader.